ProGroup has a selective and independent approach to leasing. 
We are not an automobile leasing company. This policy affords us the opportunity to be completely objective when arranging the lease, providing our customers' with the best deal possible. We have an affiliation with national leasing companies across Canada . This enables us to offer national fleet rates at competitive prices and flexibility. 

Leasing vs buying a vehicle.
When you buy a car, you pay for the entire cost of a vehicle. When you lease a car, you pay for only a portion of the vehicle's cost, which is the part that you use during the time you are driving it. In other words, you are paying for the depreciation on the car. At the end of the lease, you either turn the car back over to the leasing company or purchase it for a pre-determined amount (residual value).

Our main business objective is to keep the cost of your vehicle as low as possible. 
Terminating a lease before it's up can be extremely costly. Read the fine print of the lease and make sure you understand all the terms. Putting more miles on the car than the lease allows can cost you big money, since you will pay so much per km for every km driven over the allowance. It is very important to negotiate the lowest capitalized cost or lease price of the vehicle you will be leasing because your payments are based on this cost. It is Pro Group's goal to keep the cost of the vehicle as low as possible.

Should the manufacturer offer special lease programs, ProGroup can obtain these special rates for our customers. It is important to Contact Us before signing any lease, as we will make sure you are getting the best package available.
Five Reasons to Lease Your Next Vehicle
  1. Lower monthly payment. 
    Because you are not purchasing the vehicle, only paying for the use of it, monthly payments can be 35-55% lower than if you purchased.

  2. You are only taxed the monthly payment.
    Not only this, but the tax is wrapped into your monthly payments so you are not paying the taxes for the vehicle all at once.

  3. Tax deductible.
    If you use your car for your own business, or even to do the job someone else hires you for, some of the leasing costs may be tax deductible.

  4. New cars more often.
    Lease terms generally run between two and four years. This means that you opt for a different vehicle at the end of your lease.

  5. Lower maintenance cost.
    If you get a lease that covers the same time as the manufacturer's warranty, most of the repairs will be covered by warranty, which means less maintenance costs for you.
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